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Helpful Things I Learned On My 21-Day Blogathon

I was with one of my fellow bloggers today. I expressed my challenge with resting well because of too much screen time writing blogs at night. He suggested I try f.lux.  Their site states that the software makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. (more…)

Want A Behind The Scenes Look at Bucket List Strategies?

Just as each of these buckets is full of different types of flowers, each person has their unique bucket list. Many of us have our list but don’t know how to get there. What if you had four easy steps to implement that could change the way you think about accomplishing what you can see in your mind? (more…)

Does Your Earliest Childhood Memory Make you Smile?

They said it was just a dream. Running into the house, I shouted, “I flew, I flew!” They were staring at me like I was lost in space and like I there was something wrong with me. Was there? I shouted again, “I flew, I flew! The wind picked me up off the ground.” Those words might be a far stretch for any parent to believe. But it was my truth. It’s my earliest childhood memory and it made me smile.  (more…)

What is The One Thing That is Enough For Your Life?

I had a full weekend with little time for rest. I spent my time working in the yard, gathering with friends to worship, and supporting my grandson at two of his soccer games. I had a subject in mind to write about all through the weekend, until just now. I’m switching gears. (more…)

Powerful Life Changing Confessions You Might Not Know