Love Changes Lives

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“If Only I Can Touch The Hem of His Garment”

woman-and-jesus“If only I can touch the hem of His garment I can be well.” She could barely get the words out. Life was hard for women in that time, especially this one.

She was a woman of faith, a woman who knew He was her healer, and if only she could get to Him everything could change. The crowds were massive and she was weak, nearly crawling on the ground. For at least twelve years she bled and though she had seen many doctors, doctors who drained all her financial resources, no cure or healing had come.

Her only hope was Him.

And today, as He was coming through her town. “Today,” she said, “if only . . .”  Perhaps through divine intervention or a miracle of sorts she pressed through the crowd despite the jeering and pushing against her.

She reached long, with everything she had and her fingers touched the lowest part of His garment, the very lowest part that drug the ground.

Even with the crowd pushing against her with her weakened body from poor health, she never lost her focus…if I can just touch His hem, I know I will be healed.

And what she believed was true as we read below:

“A woman who had suffered a condition of hemorrhaging for twelve years—a long succession of physicians had treated her, and treated her badly, taking all her money and leaving her worse off than before—had heard about Jesus. She slipped in from behind and touched his robe. She was thinking to herself, “If I can put a finger on his robe, I can get well.” The moment she did it, the flow of blood dried up. She could feel the change and knew her plague was over and done with.”

Mark 5:25-29 MSG

We all have challenging times where we say, if only. But Jesus says, “Come to Me” and “I will make you whole, I am your healer. Through Me you are set free.”

Perhaps there is something in us today that needs healing. Maybe it’s a relationship with a loved one, a financial struggle or a health challenge. Whatever it is, we can ask ourselves, “Am I willing to surrender my circumstances to Him? Can we be so bold and courageous in our faith that we persevere through the challenges like this woman?

If only, I could touch the hem of His garment, I know _________________.

We can all fill that blank with a word that could change our lives!

What is your word? Fill it in share it with us and trust!

If you have experienced God’s faithfulness, please feel free to share in the comments section below.

Are We So Different?

We are no different from Adam and Eve when it comes to our response to our own sin. Like them, we can feel:

  • Ashamed
  • Disappointed
  • Not good enough

These 3 feelings, stirred from our sinful behaviors, are exactly what the Enemy uses to pull us away from relationship with God and into hiding.

Like Adam and Eve, we hide from God when we sin. But even in this tactic used by the Enemy, God did not leave Adam and Eve. Nor does He leave us. He pursued them in the cool of the morning. And just like them, He pursues each of us in the same way through Jesus!

Our sin might cause us to hide; but Jesus came to set us free from the power of Sin over us! His very words are “He who is in Me is greater than he who is in the world.”

God gave us freedom in Jesus. He is our High Priest and when we confess our sin and repent (make a u turn), He hears and intercedes for us!

God is good and nothing is too hard for Him, especially for those who open their hearts to give Him reign over their whole life. To them, God is working all things together for good!

Our relationship with The Lord is kept intimate through transparency in confession and true repentance.

Keep your intimacy with God protected and open!

“Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden. But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?””
Genesis 3:8-9 NIV

Being Lonely Can Make You Sick?

It Was Only He…Never Me

This post is written by my friend of 20-plus years. He has a heart of passion for others to know the Freedom that comes through faith in Jesus Christ. I am blessed to know him and hope that as you read his words below, you too, will be blessed.

I’m not sure why I felt compelled to share these personal insights, but I KNOW it was what the Spirit Of God, That Dwells Within me, Would have me do.

There was a season in my life when I could make almost anything happen…But now I know…It was never me…IT WAS ONLY HE

When faced with losing a job, I could always find another one…But now I know… It was never me…IT WAS ONLY HE

When rising in my career, I secured many positions requiring advanced degrees (which I have none). But now I know… It was never me…IT WAS ONLY HE

I taught myself the complexities of advanced mathematics’, finance, and business acumen…But now I know… It was never me…IT WAS ONLY HE

When financial calamities would befall us, I would always find a solution…But now I know… It was never me…IT WAS ONLY HE

When the very foundation of my family, would almost crumble, I would bring restoration…But now I know… It was never me…IT WAS ONLY HE

In the foolishness and smugness of my ability to overcome whatever life would throw at me…Never did I know…It was never me…IT WAS ONLY HE

Raised in poverty, enduring horrors that no child should ever see, I made it through…But now I know… It was never me…IT WAS ONLY HE

Ridiculed, rejected and humiliated as a child, for my tattered clothes, I survived…But now I know… It was never me…IT WAS ONLY HE

A child (through teen years) playing mediator for raging alcoholics and domestic abuse, I overcame…But now I know… It was never me…IT WAS ONLY HE

Having more insecurities, self-doubt and devoid of any confidence, I learned to conceal it well…But now I know… It was never me…IT WAS ONLY HE

You see I have no natural abilities, talents, or skills…IT IS ALWAYS HE…And never me

The abused little boy (Bo) cowered down and hiding in the corner still lives within this old man. I daily battle the painful memories that have long passed, and the struggles of my past life; although the bitterness, hurt and anger are still as fresh as each new day.

I share this not for pity or boast, but I share for HIS GLORY, you see… IF NOT FOR HE…. There would be no me.

Whatever your current condition, past position, or future intention, give them all To JESUS CHRIST. For it is ONLY Through HIM, that we can have HOPE for Tomorrow and Courage for Today!

1 Peter 5:7 (KJV) – Cast all your care upon him; for HE careth for you.

© 2015 Jeff Smith. Used with permission by author.