Five Things I Love That Give Me Life

There are five things in my life that if I don’t do them daily, I feel like I have not fulfilled my purpose. It wasn’t easy in the beginning to do all of them. But as I opened my heart of understanding and learned more about who I am, my strengths, my core values and my natural way of taking action, I came to find out more about the way God has wired me. But it doesn’t stop there. (more…)

What is The One Thing That is Enough For Your Life?

I had a full weekend with little time for rest. I spent my time working in the yard, gathering with friends to worship, and supporting my grandson at two of his soccer games. I had a subject in mind to write about all through the weekend, until just now. I’m switching gears. (more…)

Powerful Life Changing Confessions You Might Not Know

Do You Know The Good Word On The Street About You?

We should avoid gossip at all cost. Why? That little secret we share with the next person almost always grows into an exaggerated lie. And, in the process, a division is created between the gossiper and gossiped. So, we must┬áput away gossip and take on thoughts that are pure and lovely and uplifting. (more…)

What I Could Do With Money Pouring Down From Heaven