Does Your Earliest Childhood Memory Make you Smile?


They said it was just a dream. Running into the house, I shouted, “I flew, I flew!” They were staring at me like I was lost in space and like I there was something wrong with me. Was there? I shouted again, “I flew, I flew! The wind picked me up off the ground.” Those words might be a far stretch for any parent to believe. But it was my truth. It’s my earliest childhood memory and it made me smile.  (more…)

Five Things I Love That Give Me Life


There are five things in my life that if I don’t do them daily, I feel like I have not fulfilled my purpose. It wasn’t easy in the beginning to do all of them. But as I opened my heart of understanding and learned more about who I am, my strengths, my core values and my natural way of taking action, I came to find out more about the way God has wired me. But it doesn’t stop there. (more…)

What is The One Thing That is Enough For Your Life?


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