I was with one of my fellow bloggers today. I expressed my challenge with resting well because of too much screen time writing blogs at night. He suggested I try f.lux.  Their site states that the software makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. I have it installed now and look forward to a better night’s sleep.

In a way that is an element of today’s post. With a lack of rest, I had a tired mind, forming a lack of focus.


When we blog daily, it requires laser focus. For most, when we add a new project to the things we already do, there is a learning curve with it and distractions can show up to hinder you from completing what you begin. What I learned is that my greatest focus time is early morning, but because that is the time I spend with my family, I am blogging at night, after a full day of other work. One night I fell asleep with my computer in my lap and woke at 3:00 am to finish my blog.

Tonight I planned to get an earlier start, but one of my daughter’s called. I wanted to have that time with her, so I rested in our conversation, and was privileged to hear about all the fun times she is having preparing for the arrival of B.E.B., her first child, and my second granddaughter. By the time we finished our call, I was ready to lay my head on my pillow to sleep. But something in me spoke, “you will not do that yet.”


That something was commitment. I promised myself and my fellow bloggers that I was on board.  We all made the dive together. Quitting in the middle was not an option for me. I have come to appreciate the level of commitment it takes to do a challenge like this. I’ve also found that having the accountability of a team helped keep me moving forward. When you get an encouraging email every day reminding you it’s time to blog, that’s fun. One of the things I shared in my first of these 21 posts is that I know there is power in numbers. Doing something new with friends and colleagues running with me strengthens my resolve to cross the finish line. And that has proven to be true. It’s like having a coach who helps you press through those pushups when you have nothing left, and your arms feel like rubber. They encourage and push you harder, and you find just enough strength to do one more, and it feels good.


As soon as this blogging challenge started, life and work got busier. I began to wonder if I could pull it off. I don’t function well under pressure. Managing everything and doing it with excellence was going to be a challenge, but I knew that by leaning in hard and trusting God to meet me, He would.  About fifteen days after the start date, I quit sharing my posts through social media channels. I began to sense that turning out posts so quickly was reducing the quality of content I could share. I believe it did the opposite. It helped me hone my skill of writing, one of the very things I hoped to accomplish.  The blogging challenge has been a great experience. It has revealed a stronger resolve, a determination from within that I wasn’t sure I held. I’m glad it’s there because just a couple of days into this 21-day blogging experience, I was invited to keep blogging through October.

Since one of my goals is to be a skilled writer and coach, it is a blessing to receive feedback from some who were inspired or influenced to fulfill their dreams and visions that became lost in the routine of life.


What’s next?

Will I step into the maze of the October challenge?

What about you?

Are you a blogger that got stuck or wants to get started?

You have an invitation to join us. Stay tuned!

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