Laughter. It’s good for us. It fills us with merriment and can be a catalyst for joy. It can become our song. The Bible says that a cheerful heart is good medicine. I believe it.

I have a comedian for a sister. I know you haven’t seen her in action, but I have plenty of times. She keeps me in stitches most of the time. Whether she is dancing in a fitting room, walking across the floor or when interviewed while sitting in a chair, she does something that makes others laugh without any effort. It’s a talent. I’ve encouraged her many times to take a class or get on stage, but she says she is too shy. So, today, I thought I should share her with the world.

Today, I thought I’d share her with you. If I keep her to myself, you will not know what you are missing or how much fun we have in our home, laughing, loving, and talking about line removal.

Aging has become a big subject in our family, especially since there are four women over the age of fifty-five. There is the talk of botox, microdermabrasion, Juvederm and other enhancers. But, talk is all we do. Talk. Talk. Talk.

There is this one exercise my sister taught us that she created to help remove our lines. Now, please don’t laugh. She came up with this on her own and she needs affirmation for her talent.

We do talk a lot about our facial lines, but we each have decided to embrace the aging process. We’ve agreed that aging is like a fine wine.  It’s special to look at one another and remember how those lines got there, all through love, laughter, and a little facial pilates.

There are many moments of laughter in my life. But this is one of the funniest and most intelligent things I’ve ever seen. Who but my sister could think of Facial Pilates.

There is a Jewish proverb that says, As soap is to the body, so laughter is to the soul.

I hope you have someone close to you that helps you laugh daily.

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Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash