After partnering with women for years, I realized that nearly every woman has or knows another who has experienced the painful shattering of dreams through a destructive relationship. What I learned is that women are hiding their pain and accepting this as their lot. They lack confidence and boldness to believe and walk into a better future. As a result, women isolate, bury secrets, believe lies, and are shame-filled. These women are usually without healthy support. This affects every relationship in your life.

As your coaching partner and one who has walked in your shoes, I understand your challenges, strategize with you to discover practical ways to move forward, and equip you to experience the life you were meant to have.  I understand your challenges and how to help you move forward and flourish.

Victory is available from unaddressed wounds that come through distorted thinking, generational patterns, and destructive relationships. If this is you, you deserve freedom from the past to move from striving to thriving in healthy relationships.


I am a daughter of God, mother, grandmother, sister, and daughter. I am Founder and President of Eight28 Women, Author, and Certified Advanced Life Coach. I am a victor from emotional, physical and spiritual brokenness that came from a lifetime of destructive relationships and shattered dreams. I partner with women stuck in the crossroad who seek freedom to live in healthy, thriving relationships. I passionately work with women to revive hope, restore confidence and reconcile alignment of the heart, mind, and soul. Equipping women to experience a new life of freedom through discovering their individuality, uniqueness, and true identity brings me great joy!


Allison offers coaching, workshops, and training for developing new life skills and a healthy foundation for love. She believes by creating environments of opportunity for personal growth and development, a new life can be born and the next generation can be raised to leave a new legacy.